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Our entire evening took place in Downtown Bentonville. Love it!


The Plunkett’s Went Paleo

As most of you know the Plunkett’s have been doing a Whole 30.  I am happy to report we are closing in on day 27!  I will admit that I caved on day 22 and had Chick-Fil-A for lunch and my body hated me the rest of the day!  The Chick-Fil-A lunch simply was not worth the agony.  A lot of people asked me if it’s hard and yes, it is.  The first 7 days are the WORST-there is crankiness, boredom, frustration, etc.  I really believe if I hadn’t planned our meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) ahead of time it would have been much worse than it actually was.  Now, getting everyone in the family on board was quite an issue at first.  My kids aren’t getting their cereal bars or pop tarts any longer.  They are eating more fruit and vegetables and less snacky food.  Below I’ll answer the questions I get asked the most:

So what can you eat?  Short and sweet you can eat meat, vegetables, fruit, and seeds.

Can you have coffee?  We drank coffee.  We did not eliminate caffeine.  I actually got used to dark roast black coffee by the end of the first week.

What are you making for dinner?  Thanks to I found some great recipes for vegetables and of course Pinterest.  And yes, I do have a board totally devoted to Whole 30/Paleo recipes.

Are you going to eat this way forever?  Now that we’ve done it for about 30 days we know how our body is reacting to certain things so we have to talk about what we want to reintroduce into our daily life.

Have you noticed any changes?  The first thing I noticed was how much better I was sleeping.  I was waking up refreshed, not feeling like an army tanker ran over me.  I have also had restless leg (yes, it’s a real thing) since Harper was born and it has ceased.  Before the Whole 30 I would also be completely drained by 3:00 and head over to the work kitchen for my afternoon Coca-Cola, I no longer need that 3:00 soda because I have more energy throughout the day.

Will you do it again?  Knowing that we did it once doing it again won’t be near as hard.

The Plunkett’s Go Paleo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you know me in real life you know that my love language is baked goods or sugar of any kind really.  Being the ripe age of 33 I know this is a problem.  But it’s just so dang hard to break that sugar addiction.  I’ve done sugar fasting but when the fast is over it’s time to break out the Hershey Kisses!  Now, I did cut soda out of my day-to-day routine so that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

Sometime last year me and Chris started a Whole 30 but it turned into a Whole 15 due to his crankiness and my emotional eating…it was just easier to go back and eat whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it.  Alas, here we are again contemplating the Whole 30…for real this time.  I mentioned it to Chris the other night and he laughed and informed me I wasn’t taking his coffee and cream away.  Lucky for everyone, you can still drink coffee on the Whole 30.  They do say you should cut out dairy so regular cream is not recommended.  But Chris is a big boy, if he wants to use cream he can.  After all, that’s probably the only dairy he really gets anyways.

What is a Whole 30?  The Whole 30 is 30 days of no dairy (or soy), no sugar, no grains, and no processed food.  That’s the short and sweet  version.  The idea is you take your body off all the junk you ingest and slowly introduce things after 30 days to see what effects you negatively.

What can you eat/drink?  We can eat meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.  Like I said, we’ve done this before but this time we really need to try and make it work and get some of the positive side effects like breaking food addictions, eating out of boredom, and sleeping better.

When do we start?  Since the Whole 30 involves a lot of animal protein we’re waiting until the 15th (pay-day) so we’ll be stocked up on groceries.  I will also need some extra time to plan our meals as some of our favorites (like spaghetti) make weekly appearances and noodles are a no-no.

Why do you care?  We will be cranky.  Or at least, I will be cranky.  Show some grace the first couple of days if you see me pulling my hair out or pacing the floor like I’m coming off a crack high because I will being coming off a sugar high of sorts.

Harper Lee Turns 2!!

That’s right folks!  Harper Lee Plunkett turned 2 on Saturday.  When your child is allergic to milk and soy party food can be a little tricky.  But lucky for us, Harper LOVES doughnuts and pizza.  So the theme of Harper’s party?  Harper’s Favorite Things.  I figure if Oprah can have her favorite things then so can Harper.  What are her favorite things?  Minnie Mouse, doughnuts, and pizza.  For her party we purchased Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the cheapest pizza known to man because it has very little cheese on it.

Enjoy some pics:

Harper Lee from 0-2 years

Pizza and doughnuts

Plunkett birthday tradition: Doughnuts for breakfast!

Party prep: new necklace, toe nail polish, mantle decor, and birthday t-shirt thanks to Gigi!

No Cokes

cola in glassYep, you heard it here first.  I’m trying to give up Cokes.  I don’t know why I capitalize “Coke” because “Coke” is not a proper noun.  The actual proper noun would be “Coca Cola.”  Oh well, I was raised in the South, forgive me.  Moving on.

I don’t drink a lot of coke but I drink enough to make me feel guilty about it and I know it’s bad for me.  And honestly, I have a sugar addiction and I’m not brave/stupid enough to give up all sugar right now so I’ll start small.  I usually only drink one a day unless we go out to eat then I usually always get coke or even better, a Mountain Dew (yes, I am 17 year old girl in a 33 year old body).

This great feat of mine only started yesterday and I did excellent.  It was rough.  I remember when the urge hit I had to get up and do some stretches in my office just to get my mind off it.  It sounds like I’m coming off a crack addiction, I know.  I usually get my coke around 2 or 3 and my office mate will actually say, “Going to get a coke?”  I smile and say, “Yep, it’s time.”  What did I do?  Made some iced tea in the Keurig.  It was okay.  I like iced tea and I’m not opposed to unsweet tea but you know when you REALLY want carbonation and sugar all mixed together, it’s time for a coke.  I didn’t give in.  I will say I have drank more unsweet iced tea in the last two days then I did all last week.

Wish me luck.  Oh ya, and give some grace if I’m in a cranky mood.

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